Bullen Awards is a prize given to outstanding creative and technical achievements within the entertainment industry, such as lighting design or sound engineering.

The prize has two categories; Bullen Liftetime Achievement Award and Bullen Visionary Award.

Proudly presenting the jury - Bullen Awards 2018






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The following outstanding trade professionals have kindly agreed

to act as jury for Bullen Awards 2018:

Fredrik Jönsson - founder

Ola Melzig - founder

Niclas Arvidsson - representing LLB

Göran Boklund - backstage professional

Anders Heberling - winner Bullen Visionary Award 2017

Anders Q-lan Wallertz - winner Bullen Lifetime Achievement Aw. 2017


Who will be the winners of Bullen Awards 2018?

It's time to nominate to Bullen Awards 2018, and we kindly ask you to nominate outstanding professionals in the two catogories BULLEN LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD and BULLEN VISIONARY AWARD to the prize.

Please note, nomination closes March 25th.

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Proudly presenting the winners of Bullen Awards 2017

Anders Q-lan Wallertz and Anders Heberling at the prize ceremony in Gothenburg May 9th 2017.

On the table are the unique crystal trophies, designed by Erika Lagerbielke, that were presented to the winners.

BULLEN LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2017 was presented to Anders Q-lan Wallertz. He is a pioneer in lighting design within the entertainment industry. After decades of creative work, he is still going strong. Based on his extensive knowledge and long-time experience he always performs at the highest level, for example in his long-term cooperation with rock band Europe, with whom he is still on tour. Q-lan is a lighting craftsman, no gig is too small or large, no problem is too difficult or too incomprehensible. With his modest appearance and positive spirits, he is highly appreciated and popular by his peers as an experienced professional.


BULLEN VISIONARY AWARD 2017 was presented to Anders Heberling. He is a creative front person in modern lighting design. He has a well-developed capacity for innovative thinking outside conventional framework in order to create strong visual expressions. He creates magic environments with both playfulness and courage, for artists who wants to take their performances to the next artistic level. He is a true visionary whose future work we are very much looking forward to see.

Pontus "Bullen" Lagerbielke (1964 - 2015)

The prize was ordained 2016 in memory of Bullen Lagerbielke, to honour his achievements in lighting design, outstanding in his work, always curious and ready to share his extensive knowledge

Proudly presenting our guest of honour,

Kee Marcello, at 2017 Bullen Awards prize ceremony May 9th in Gothenburg.

The world renowned guitarist and singer has graciously promised to give out this years Bullen Awards.

Saskia Lagerbielke, Eric Holmberg, Björn Lehnberg

and Erika Lagerbielke at the ceremony 2016.

Proud winners of Bullen Awards 2016 -


Eric Holmberg.

BULLEN LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT presented rewarded to Björn Lehnberg.

The winners of Bullen Awards are rewarded with eternal honor and a unique crystal sculpture, specially designed for the prize by internationally renowned crystal designer Erika Lagerbielke (Bullen's sister). The sculpture is made in cooperation with Orrefors by the master crafters of Kosta Glasbruk.

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